SEO – DeMystified

Google Ranking Unearthed – just break your SEO into simple steps and then into sub steps as follows,
On Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research is the most important thing this phase. Without which, SEO would kill your time and blow up your resources.
  • Then follows your competitive intelligence research on  your competitors. This will help you to know what your competitors are doing and what they intent to do.
  • Internal page linking
  • Content building
  • Relevance factor
  • Keyword Density and keyword Proximity
  • Others…
Off Page Optimzation
  • Link building forms the core of this step.
  • Competitive intelligence in this step helps how best you can build you link building strategy
  • Quality links matter not link quantity
  • Link Juice
  • Others….

Obviously I cannot discuss rest of the demystified secrets of SEO (hard earned)….please contact us at and the rest is all yours.


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