In house pergola construction

A pergola is a temporary structure that is constructed outside the house of an individual. The pergola is built in order to make a temporary sitting arrangement outside the house with a shade. The pergola is nothing but an open room kind of structure outside the house with no walls but a roof. Pergola construction can be done outside the house for variety of purposes. Few people construct a pergola outside their main door to give the house a fancy look while others do a pergola construction in the gardens to make a out of house sitting arrangement in the garden. Sometimes pergola construction is also done to enable gardening. The pergola construction is done to protect the plants from extreme sunlight and heavy rains. Whatever be the reason of constructing a pergola, these structures are very commonly seen in the house at the countryside and people who have houses surrounded by large gardens. The pergola can be used for variety of purposes and it is like creating a space outside the house which can also be used. Many people construct a pergola by themselves as it can be easily done.

There are few very basic things one has to keep in mind before they start a pergola construction. A pergola has a roof supported by four pillars at the side; they can be simple bamboos or wooden structures. The important point to remember in a pergola construction is that the roof should be such that the weight of it can be easily balanced by the side rods. The other thing is that the footings of the rods in the ground should be strong enough that they do not uproot with slight force on the rods, the construction of the base should be solid such that it can support the roof properly. Once these are taken care of the pergola construction is easy, all one needs to do is to fix the roof to the four rods in such a manner that it is fixed. The other important things to keep in mind for a pergola construction is that the size should be such that it should have enough space around it, therefore before constructing a pergola a proper plan on the size should be made.

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