The population in the world is on an increase. With such an increase in the population the demand and day to day consumption of products have also increased. When people consume a product, there is a need to dispose off the remaining part of the product like the wrappers, packing, etc that cannot be consumed. If the country does not have a proper disposing system and network then it can result to spread of various diseases due to unhygienic environment around. Australia takes into consideration the health and safety of its residents and tourists and therefore has a well integrated waste disposal system in the country that operate through mini skip bins located every few meters near the houses as well as the busy streets so that the trash can be collected at one place by all.

Everywhere we work or stay; there are items and things that need to be disposed off. Some of this may be of some or the other values to the other member of the house or definitely the community. For example, the plastic bottles of coldrinks that we through into the dustbin is like earning source for many beggars who collect these bottles and give them to the companies and therefore get a pay in return.

The mini skip bins are being places by the agencies and the Australian government in every locality so that the residents and other people, instead of collecting and keeping their own trash outside their homes in separate bags, can dispose of the same in the mini skip bins. Twice during a day, the dispose collecting vans take a round of the city and collect the garbage of the people and bring them to the main dispose centres of the city.

The main advantage of using mini skip bins is that these bins get attached to the vans very easily sine they are designed according to the dispose vans and therefore the trash can be emptied from mini skip bins to the vans in comparatively lesser time and effort. Mini skip bins are cleaner and much easier way of collecting dispose at one place which can later be separated into different categories at the trash centres.

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