Promotional Advertising Vs Promotional Items

Well, every corporate is using the means of promotion to increase the sales. But the question that every owner is confused about is whether to go for the Promotional Advertising or promotional items. Well, an owner of the large scale industry will go for the promotion through the means of TV, radio and print whereas the owner of a small scale industry might find it hard to afford the expenditure of visual advertising and will go for the promotion through the means of promotional items only. Hence, your budget is the one which is gong to effect your decision strongly.

No doubt, Promotional Advertising is the easiest mean to create the awareness about the product, but it can leave the negative impact too. After the advertising, quite possibly the customers may lose interest in your product or they may not bother to give any attention to it. According to a recant survey, most of the organizations whether the small scale or large scale is making use of the promotional items at the time of promotional activities, the Promotional advertising is lagging a bit behind if compared with the promotional items. Quite often, it has been seen that when the people are watching any TV program or news, they are busy with their cup of tea or coffee. They just use it for the entertainment purpose and not to get any knowledge. Moreover, the Promotional advertising duration is just for 2 or 3 minutes, this much of time cannot be considered good enough to promote a product. Might be, among all other Promotional Advertising, the customer will forget about your advertising.

The source of Promotional Advertising is very expensive, if it does not come out the positive results, it may affect the complete proceedings in the later stage. On the other hand, the distribution of the promotional items is much better option and the source provides a good value to your money. The message conveyed through the Promotional Advertising is short term, whereas the promotional item will be in the minds of people for the long time. Hence, the promotional items are preferred over the Promotional Advertising.

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