Tourism – The perfect promotional products Australia

Tourism, being the largest sector of Australia’s economy, contributes a significant portion to the nation’s gross domestic product. With the world nearly out of the economic recession, a significant rise in this promotional products Australia has been witnessed as large number of tourists from abroad as well as more number of travelers in their own domestic market have increased their holiday trips. No wonder the Government of Australia is so excited and optimistic about future prospects of the tourism industry. They have initiated several campaigns promoting the perfect promotional product which is tourism in Australia to get better returns from the industry. The Tourism Forecast Committee forecasts steep rise in more number of tourists in the country.

Sporting events have had huge positive effect in the tourism sector earlier as well. The 2003 Rugby World Cup and 2000 Sydney Olympics bears testimony to the fact that they have not only attracted millions of sports fanatics from across the globe but also sustained the industry by bringing regular visitors as well after promoting tourism in Australia through advertisements in that period . Advertisements had a significant impact on promotional products Australia owing to the fact that millions of Television viewers were glued to their television sets during the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Government of Australia expects similar results or in fact higher results during the 2015 Cricket World cup which will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Cricket viewership has increased over the years after the advent of T20 cricket and have popularized cricket in many ways and the government of Australia is quite upbeat about the 2015 Cricket World cup event even though it is a 50 over format as the positives of T20 cricket has resulted in improvement in the older format.

Apart from the fact that promotional products Australia benefits hugely from influx of foreign tourists in the country, the Tourism Forecast Committee attributes the success and sustainability of the industry to the domestic travelers. With the rise in the number of exotic beach resorts, the trend of rise in holiday trips in the country is expected to continue. National Parks, Fishing Parks, mountain, rivers and wine growing regions are other major tourist spots.

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