What is hot stones massage?

Hot stones massage has become very popular these days. It is considered to be a classic form of massage therapy and it works a great deal in making you feel relaxed and calm. In this kind of massage therapy some of the heated and flat structured stones are placed on the key body points. The use of the flat and hot stones has been from the ancient times. In this technique either the stones can be placed on the key points of the body or may be held by the therapist and used to massage the key points of the body. The hot stones massage therapy was developed in Arizona by a famous therapist names Mary Nelson. She was the first lady who found these hot stones soothing and providing comfort to the body.

The hot stones massage is conducted across a number of countries and have become very popular these days. The hot stones massage is done by some specialized therapists who have been able to develop their own versions and ways of conducting the massage. The stones that are used for doing the massage are heated and very smooth. This is the reason why its name is so. These stones are made up of basalt which is a rock which has a very high content of iron in it. These rocks get smooth over a period of time by high river currents. These rocks also have the capacity to hold heat inside them. Many of these stones are immersed inside water while some of them are heated inside the electric device.

For a hot stones massage most of these stones are placed on different points at the back, on the palms and some between toes to provide a comforting experience. This kind of massage has gained popularity these days because of busy and tiring schedule of people and that is the reason people look for comfort and relief. This massage provides lot of benefits like better blood circulation and also relaxes the nervous system of the body. It balances the mind and body of the humans making them feel relaxed and easy.

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