Why do people use Lanyards

Lanyard is mainly a chord which carries small items and you can wear it around your neck or wrist. The object will remain safe and you can always carry it wherever you go. Lanyard consists of a length of wire and there is a hook at the end side to carry the item. Lanyard is used to hold identification badge at the end of the chord. You can also hang whistle, keys, ID card and other objects. Lanyard is also used for advertising and you can see the logo printed on the strap.

Lanyard is available in different color and strap. The strap of the lanyard can be made of cotton, nylon and polyester material. Chord type of lanyard consist of flat surface and they are not that much expensive. But you cannot print the logo on the flat surface so that would be the disadvantage of using chord type of lanyard. You can easily type the logo or the name of the company on strap type of lanyard. Screen printing is used to print the name on the strap. That would be more durable. You can also add different designs on the lanyard. O ring lanyard is used for carrying whistles. A connector is there for easily removing and attaching the key or whistle.

Lanyard is available in different design, color, style and fabric. People use lanyard for promoting a logo, brand, product or message. Lanyards are commonly used at trade show, organization, sports, music events, schools and fund raising program. In organization people use lanyard for handing ID cards. Now day lanyard is also used for hanging other accessories like camera, cell phone and other electronic items. It has been seen that retail stores use lanyard for displaying items.

The printing of lanyard depends up on budget. You can also design your own lanyard. So you can use lanyard for holding multi purpose objects. So you don’t have to carry the object. The object would remain there hanging on your neck. Custom printed lanyards are very popular and they are beautiful to see also.

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