A chair is a furniture item that is used by the people to sit on. A differentiating factor between a stool and a chair is that, a chair always has a back rest on it whereas a stool doesn’t. Everyone knows what exactly a chair looks like but very few know that there are a number of types of chairs that are available in the market for different purposes like there is an office chair, dinning chair, etc.

With modern styles, the traditional four legged chairs are now been accompanies by versions that have only 3 legs, or a nice one stand in the centre with a broad base touching the floor. These are chosen on the basis of style, size, colour, design, durability, weight, and maintenance.

The chairs also differ on the bases of the place where they are used. Even the colours are very different. The office chairs are different from the home ones.

Earlier a chair was only made out of wood, but with the advancement in the technology there are chair that are made of plastic, metals, rubber, etc that are more durable than the wooden chair.

The most commonly used chair material is the plastic and metal. The plastic chair can be seen easily in homes and they are very durable. They are even used at many local restaurants. The main advantage of such a chair is the durability and low maintenance costs.
The other famous type is the metal chair. The handles and the legs of these chairs do not come in a large variety of colours, but the seats do come in a number of colours.

The most common type of chair that is used in almost all households and the offices is the sofa. It is also known as a couch. The seating on the sofa varies from 2 to 10 depending on the size of the sofa. It is chair style in which the seats are joined together on a large flat base.
A chair is one of the most basic furniture piece that is required at all places whether big or small.

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