Meaning of a Shrink wrap

The dictionary meaning for the word shrink wrap is as follows. It is generally known as “the wrapping which is done to protect the articles or the merchandise with the help of the clear film that is made up of plastic material. This plastic film is wound around the merchandise or the article in order to look after it, and then it is shrunk with the help of heat so that it becomes a sealed as well as air tight package.”

The shrink wrap also protects the merchandise as well as other things from getting destroyed or from becoming stale. The plastic or the film used for the shrink wrap is made up of the polymer plastic. The shrink wrap film gets shrink once the heat is applied to it, and it then forms a tight covering over all that material it is wrapped into. The medium through which the heat is applied are numerous in number. Few of them can be the heat conveyor, or through the electricity or with the help of gas. The shrink wrap also protect several kinds of foods like the cheese, butter, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. from getting stale and hence destroyed.

Apart from the food items the shrink wrap also protects several other articles as well as merchandises from number of dangers and getting hampered. When the products or the items are enclosed into this shrink, then they remain safe as well as clean for a long time. Thus this kind of technique adds resistance to these products from getting tampered. The wrap shrinking is done on the cartons and other plastic boxes, etc. When this wrapping is applied on these packages then they are labeled properly. Thus this wrap is also commonly used to combine the two or more parts, boxes or the packages with its help. There is also a same process of applying heat is used to seal the plastic film tightly over the packages or the boxes to provide them resistance from tampering. This technique is becoming very common and is widely used to provide protection to all kinds of the products in a very easier and affordable manner.

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