Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Air condition means “conditioning of the air according to achieve the desired temperature” or relative humidity in the room or house or the chosen zone First of all to clear the concept of Reverse cycle air conditioner, we must be aware that in no way it is related to air conditioner but as the word “reverse” suggests, it is just the opposite of an air conditioner. Reverse cycle air conditioner transfers heat into the room / house instead of removing the same. These are not like electric heaters but more efficient than it and works as energy saver as well.

In Reverse cycle air conditioner, the compressor has the main function as it works as pump which acts as the power to remove the heat. Its main function is to pump refrigerant through inbuilt series of chambers which in turn transfer the outside heat to inside the house. After the compressor is done, condensers with its high pressure generate the heat which then got blown by fan and the room gets the heat.

A chamber with very low pressure which is placed outside the house known as evaporator takes out the refrigerant through a valve which is very narrow. As the refrigerant is too cold, the ground heat and outside air seeps within the evaporator which eventually threatens the refrigerant. Hence it is required to pump back the same into the condenser. Reverse cycle air conditioner are generally reversible. The most advantageous part is during summer time, it has the capability to run in opposite or reverse direction, just to cool the house.

Like normal air conditioners, Reverse cycle air conditioner is available in different models like window or split or central heating or cooling system. Countries where Reverse cycle air conditioner is being used have observed that the operating cost is comparatively lower than those who use direct air conditioners. Minimum three to more units of heat is easily transferred against every single unit attached with electricity which is used to work for reverse purpose. It indicates that the cost involvement in this operation is one third times lower compared to direct heating elements or electric heaters. As it works just the opposite way during summer, and cost of operation is low as well, Reverse cycle air conditioner is making its own place in air conditioning industry, slowly but steadily for sure.

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